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MDB Update February 2018

MDB was held on 22nd February 2018. The table below shows the Change Proposals, voting outcomes and implementation dates.

SummaryImplementation DateOutcome
PPS CP 0145 – Remove WP16 from WPPS
This change seeks to delete redundant WP16 (MPAS – Differentiation between Supplier full or Partial Refresh (D0204)) from the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS) due to the examples not being required now the process has been established.
28th June 2018Accepted
WPPS CP 0146 – Delete WP7 from WPPS
This change seeks to delete redundant WP7 (Checksum to confirm successful E2E transfer to Pool Developed Applications) from the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS) due to regulation changes post 1998 which now make rules included in WP7 supplanted by more recent legislation
28th June 2018Accepted
DTC CP 3526 – Update to D0355 for EII
This change seeks to allow EMRS to better facilitate Energy Intensive Industries (EII) exemptions to the contracts for Difference scheme.
2nd November 2018Accepted Modified

IREG Update February 2018

IREG met on 14th February 2018 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs):

MIF219 – Full Review of Working Practice Product Set

IREG was presented with updates on the review of the Working Practices (WP) and agreed that:

  • WP76 can be progressed to a Change Proposal (CP) to remove it from the WPPS.
  • WP122 and WP146 should be considered in line with MIF238 and MIF255.

The solutions proposed by Prepayment Metering Forum (PPMF) for the Pre-payment WPs should be progressed, including consultation with the Association of Meter Operators (AMO) and ELEXON where required.

A review of the outstanding items is now required to identify the next WP to be reviewed.

MIF231 – ECOES Search Facility

IREG noted that the new functionality has been implemented and the maximum search value be left at 600. The MIF will be closed.

MIF238 – Changes to WP152 Requesting Additional or New MPANs

IREG walked through the solution proposal for changes to the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES). Several questions and adjustments were identified. The Proposer agreed to raise these with the Technical Service Provider (TSP). Once the requirements have been finalised a quote will be obtained for approval of central funding. Further work will then be required to develop a MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP), incorporating the new ECOES functionality.

MIF247 – ECOES Password reset access

The TSP had confirmed that the changes could be delivered without any release costs if progressed as part of ECOES2. The proposal was agreed ex-committee and funding was approved by MEC/Board. This MIF will be closed.

MIF251 – Review of DTC CP 3529 Provision of Last Meter Inspection Date

The proposed solution was discussed and a few minor amendments were identified. It was agreed that with these amendments the CP should be submitted to the MRA Development Board (MDB) and the MIF be closed.

MIF252 – Use of D0135, D0126 and D0368 Flows in Gas First/Only Scenarios

Several approaches to enable Gas Meter Asset Managers (MAM) to report asset condition codes via an electricity Meter operator (MOP) were discussed, with the solution proving quite complex. As no quantification of the size of the issue was included in the MIF, IREG was unable to assess the benefit vs cost of any of the approaches. IREG noted that there would be complexities on who the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) would charge for the work carried out. The Proposer was requested to obtain further information from the Distribution Connection and Use of Systems Agreement (DCUSA) Interventions Working Group (IWG).

MIF253 – Improving  Accuracy of Customers’ Annual Consumption at Point of Sale

This issue was to improve customer switching and calculation of consumer costs, it is looking to align with the gas change already in to have the Annual Quantity (AQ) available. IREG noted that the Ofgem Code Review is looking at moving to mandatory Half Hourly metering and settlement, which would negate the need to use EAC/Annualise Advance. It was suggested that the Average EACs from Market Domain Data (MDD) could be used as an alternative. The Proposer was requested to consider the long-term requirement for this issue and the feedback received.

MIF254 – Review of J1839 ‘SMETS Version’

This was a new MIF that was raised by the Smart Energy Code Company (SECCo) after the MDB meeting in December 2017. It looked to investigate MRA impacts and solutions required to accommodate the new Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS) version control rules. Two Data Items (J1839 and J0483) were discussed and it was agreed that there was no benefit in making changes to the format of these Data Items, as they are not used to identify the SMETS version presently. Firmware information would be sourced direct from the Data and Communications Company (DCC). Instead, an update to the descriptions used in these Data Items was agreed to be progressed to a CP and the MIF closed.

MIF255 – Raising NHH Export MPANs for Smart

This issue looks to implement defined response time for Distribution Businesses (DBs) to respond to a request for a new Non-Half-Hourly (NHH) Export Meter Point Access Number (MPAN). A higher volume of these is expected as part of the Smart Meter roll-out, to allow Suppliers to correctly manage microgeneration export. It was noted that some of these may be bulk requests for new NHH Export MPANs from Suppliers to DBs. It was recognised that the proposed solution for MIF238 could support this MIF also, and that any MAP amendments would have to be co-ordinated for both MIFs. The Proposer agreed to draft a straw man for the processes in consultation with a DB representative, including single and bulk requests.

MIF256 – Data Flow changes to facilitate P354

This was a new MIF raised after December’s MDB, by ELEXON. It looks to progress changes to the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) required to support the solution for Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Modification Proposal P354. It was agreed that the proposed solution should go to CP and the MIF be closed.


The updates to the User Requirement Specification (URS) for ECOES Phase 1 were reviewed. Concerns were raised regarding compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) of the URS in its entirety. It was agreed that a GDPR assessment should be completed followed by a Special IREG meeting scheduled to complete the review of the full URS following the assessment.

MDB Update January 2018

MDB was held on 25th January 2018. The table below shows the Change Proposals, voting outcomes and implementation dates.

SummaryImplementation DateOutcome
DTC CP 3527 – Add Usage of Advanced Meters Auxiliary Metering Information to Annex C28th June 2018Accept Modified
WPPS CP 0144 – Remove WP150 from WPPS28th June 2018Accepted
MRA CP 0251 – Balance Agreement and Transfer for Smart1st November 2018Rejected
MAP CP 0293 – Balance Agreement and Transfer for SMART1st November 2018Rejected
DTC CP 3521 – Balance Agreement and Transfer for SMART1st November 2018Rejected
WPPS CP 0143 – Remove WP147 from WPPS28th June 2018Accepted
WPPS CP 0142 – Remove WP144 from WPPS28th June 2018Accept Modified
MAP CP 0294 – Process amendments for distribution of unallocatable prepayment key transactions22nd February 2018Accept Modified

Special IREG Update January 2018

IREG met on 31st January 2018 and discussed the following:

MIF248 – Plot Addresses

Xoserve presented an overview of the data cleanse exercise being undertaken in the Gas market, to update Plot Address data held in UK Link. The group discussed similarities and processes that could be useful for a similar exercise on the Electricity data.

The requirements and source of reporting were agreed, including content and frequency for Ofgem. It was requested that a solution proposal be obtained from the service provider. Once received, a request will be sent to the MRA Executive Committee (MEC) for funding approval.

The draft Request For Information (RFI) questions were reviewed. It was agreed that following the updates discussed during the meeting, the RFI would be issued to stakeholders.

Members agreed that a proposal for MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) steps to standardise the data cleanse and define time scales would be developed before being circulated to all parties for comment, via Huddle.

Next meeting

IREG will next meet on 14th February 2018.

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