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GDEG Update: May 2018

Green Deal Expert Group (GDEG) met on 10th May 2018 and discussed the following topics MRA Issue Forms (MIF), Green Deal Issue Forms (GIF) and Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) Change Proposals (CPs):

MIF 260 – The Green Deal Complaints and Plan Write Off Process

GDEG agreed to aid the development to improve visibility for Green Deal Licensees in knowing when a Green Deal complaints has been received by Green Deal Providers or Finance Parties as it would help aid customer experience in all parties knowing a complaint has been raised. Green Deal Arrangement Agreement (GDAA) Finance parties and Providers agreed to investigate how to share the required information regarding the complaint with the Green Deal Licensee. With General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) being implemented, need to find a suitable way to pass the customers information on.

GIF 0034 (New for Opening and Closing Statements)

GDEG noted that the revised wording developed had been sent on to Parties to provide feedback.

GIF 0035 – MPANS for Green Deal Plans

GDEG discussed GIF 0035 and the ways to resolve the issue. GDEG agreed that the current resolution being used (Cancelling the Green Deal plan with the incorrect Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) and re-starting with a new plan and the correct MPAN) was the best way to resolve the issue, however more investigation was required to understand why the incorrect MPAN was set up.

DTC CP 3538 (Replace existing flow notes for Green Deal flows with reference to the GDCC Operational Procedures)

GDEG considered DTC CP 3538 and to help aid this process, it was agreed that the Green Deal Operational Procedures should be more visible on the MRASCo website to help all parties.

MEC Update: April 2018

The last MEC meeting was held on 24th April 2018, please find a summary of the updates from the meeting below:

  • MEC received an update from the Ofgem Innovation Link. MEC agreed to recommend
    implementation of a new principle to the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP),
    directing Code Administrators to support prospective innovators in the energy market through
    provision of guidance and support;
  • MEC agreed accession applications from five new Supplier parties to the MRA;
  • MEC agreed to proceed with functional changes to ECOES developed by IREG to support a
    solution to MIF238 – Changes to WP152 Requesting Additional or New MPANs, subject to
  • MDB agreeing the associated MAP and DTC CPs, and IREG agreeing an implementation plan
    for the changes to ECOES;
  • MEC agreed to establish a specialist workgroup to address issues arising from the Faster,
    More Reliable Switching Programme that had been brought to IREG for resolution. MEC has
    asked Gemserv to draft terms of reference for the workgroup, to be agreed with IREG, prior to
    commencing the full programme of work;
  • MEC agreed to proceed with a Privacy Impact Assessment to support MIF258 – Near Time
    Improvements to Electricity Meter Technical Details, as recommended by IREG;
  • MEC considered concerns from MDB that some MRA parties were not meeting obligations set
    out in various MAPs. MEC has encouraged MRA parties to utilise the disputes process set out
    in MAP01; and
  • MEC received the MRASCo Annual Report for 2017/18, which will be uploaded to the
    MRASCo Website in due course.

IREG Update: May 2018

IREG met on 9th May 2018 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs):

MIF219 – Full Review of Working Practice Product Set

IREG deferred the paper until its June 2018 meeting.

MIF248 – Plot Addresses

IREG agreed the reporting on Plot Addresses that will be sent to Ofgem. It also considered three changes to MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) 09 (Address maintenance using the Standard Address Format), recommending that a single Change Proposal be taken forward.

MIF258 – Near Time Improvements to Electricity Meter Technical Details

IREG considered the Request for Information (RFI). It noted that some additional responses not provided with the published papers have now been included due to an extension to the RFI deadline for some responders. It noted the wide variety of responses, including those which are not Meter Technical Detail (MTD) related. It welcomed that the Meter Timeswitch Classes (MTCs) are validated when received. However, it noted issues with discrepancies between the MTDs and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES). It was agreed that, considering the potential volumes of work, the Faster Switching Workgroup should consider the RFI responses in more detail and prioritise the areas of activity based on future value.

IREG considered some initial analysis of MTC data, which indicated significant amounts of erroneous data. IREG agreed to consider what ‘pots’ were a priority to resolve and agreed that a report should be requested that identifies all non-address data so that these pots can be assessed at Supplier/MOP/Distribution level.

MIF261 – D0312 Process – Quick wins to aid MAP14

IREG considered MIF261, which seeks to bring down the number of unallocated monies owed associated with prepayment meters. It identified that further analysis of ECOES D0312 (Notification of Meter Information to ECOES) data flow validation functionality was required before any solution could be identified. Additional data to be provided on the Supplier-side D0312 rejections report was agreed to be progressed.

MIF262 – D0312 ECOES E2E Review

IREG agreed with the Proposer to postpone this MIF to the Faster Switching Workgroup, so it can be considered in the context of future requirements. As part of this review IREG noted that there will be a need to understand the validation process and perform a data comparison.

DTC CP3528 – Interoperability in the sub 100kW Half Hourly Market Post P272

IREG provided comments on the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) change, which the MRA Development Board (MDB) had asked it to look at. The Proposer agreed to make further changes and to bring the updated CP back to the June IREG.


IREG approved the ECOES User Requirement Specification (URS) with two minor amendments. Additional changes will be required subject to any changes identified to the D0312 data flow resulting from MIF261 and MIF262.

ITT coming soon for Operational Services for GB Smart Metering Alt HAN

The Alt HAN Co is reaching out to Operational Service organisations and other providers ahead of the soon to be released Invitation to Tender (ITT) for Alternative Home Area Network (Alt HAN) Operational Services, which will assist the rollout of SMART electricity and gas meters to all customers in GB by the end of 2020.

The successful vendor will be responsible for managing the deployment of the new technology(s) to 5% of buildings where the currently planned smart metering solutions are likely to be difficult to deploy (due to device to device communication restrictions) and collecting candidate building survey data to support this deployment initiative.

Details of this were explored at the recent Vendor Engagement Event held in March by the Alt HAN Co, which saw close to 30 different organisations attend and discuss the Alt HAN procurement approach and service design for Operational Service mobilisation and delivery. The session proved invaluable in encouraging discussion and finalising the procurement approach.

There is still time for Vendors to express an interest in the Alt HAN Co procurement of Alternative HAN Operational Services. Interested Vendors, who haven’t already done so, should submit an expression of interest to as soon as possible or at the latest, 30th May 2018. The ITT will be released on, or around, the 18th May 2018 and Vendors will have 5 weeks to respond.

Alt HAN Co has also distributed a number of informational documents, including a new FAQ based on questions raised by Vendors at the Vendor Engagement Event, which can be accessed here:

GB energy suppliers have established the Alt HAN Company as a special purpose company to deliver Alt HAN solutions. After engaging with potential Vendors in 2016 through a Request for Information (RFI), the project developed a Commercial Approach and will soon release a revised Target Operating Model for Operational Services, that separates ‘lots’ of activities into two groups;

  • Service Management Function – Provides service user interfaces for all Alt HAN services, acting as the day-to-day operational engine room for Alt HAN including inventory management, supply chain and logistics management, data analytics, service desk and incident management, billing/reporting and IT/data hosting systems. Also coordinates activities of the Technology Services Provider and Building Surveyor (below).
  • Building Surveyor – provides a service to collect building survey data to inform the Technology Service Provider’s pre-installation activities.


For more information please contact or visit