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MEC Update: July 2018

MEC last met on 26th July 2018, the following was discussed at the meeting:

  • Received an update from Ofgem regarding the Retail Energy Code (REC) Governance. This
    o REC v1.0 is currently being consulted on (May – June 2018);
    o the draft of the REC v2.0 is due to be completed by September 2018.
    o October 2018 to March 2019 will see the consequential changes to existing codes to
    be progressed through the Significant Code Review (SCR).
  • Heard a switching reform update and noted the details regarding the REC v1.0 consultation.
  • Agreed the Consolidate Outcome Report for one new Supplier.
  • Heard a summary of the Erroneous Transfers Working Group Closure Report and agreed for
    this group to be formally closed.
  • Agreed that there had been no change in the licencing arrangements in relation to the
    Ordnance Survey Costs for the Property Reference Number (UPRN) data.
  • Agreed to cancel the proposed GDAA and MRA merger workshop scheduled for Monday 2nd
    July in line with views from the GDAA Panel.

Gemserv event: NIS Regulation Breakfast Briefing

Please note, this event is not affiliated to the MRA.

For tens of thousands of people, the last weekend in May 2017 proved to be one they’d rather forget. A power failure at a British Airways data centre led to more than 650 flights being cancelled and chaos at many airports.

The incident was a timely example of the kind of disruption to essential services which the recently implemented Network and Information Systems (NIS) Regulation aims to reduce the risk of.

Attacks on essential services pose a risk of significant damage and disruption to the UK’s infrastructure and economy, and the NIS looks to bring a greater degree of scrutiny and accountability to policies, procedures and practices employed by organisations in protecting their systems and their data.

For many, the NIS Regulation is still in its infancy and Gemserv wants to assist organisations by hosting a free information session aimed at providing some background, help businesses to establish whether they are an operator of essential services and demonstrate how the NIS will impact supply chains. We thought that this event would be very relevant to you and wanted to share it with you. Please do feel free to share this with your colleagues if you feel it will be relevant.

The event will take place on 6th September 2018, 8:30-11:30 am at the Gemserv offices. To register for Gemserv’s upcoming event you can use the link below:

IREG Update: August 2018

IREG met on 8th August 2018 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs):

MIF219 – Full Review of Working Practice Product Set

IREG deferred further discussions on this MIF to the next meeting.

MIF248 – Delays with Plot Addresses being updated

IREG agreed the Plot Address progress report for Ofgem and to seek feedback from them on the reports.

MIF258 – Near Time Improvements to Electricity Meter Technical Details (MTD)

IREG noted that the MRASCo Board had approved funding for MTD comparison reports. IREG provided feedback on the draft high-level guidance to be issued with the reports. The guidance will be finalised ex-committee.

MIF263 – Impact of Data Communications Company (DCC) Enrolment and Adoption on Register Mapping

The Proposer confirmed that they will close the MIF and progress a Change Proposal (CP) to the MRA Development Board (MDB).

MIF264 – DTC Annex C – D0148 Section – 10 scenarios in which a D0148 is necessary are not explicitly covered

IREG noted that the Proposer was unable to attend or send a representative to the IREG meeting and agreed to defer further discussions on this MIF to the next meeting.

MIF269 – Impact of SECMP0006

IREG gave comments on the draft Solution Pre-Assessment Form (SPF) which the Proposer had developed following initial discussions at the July meeting. They highlighted that ELEXON had suggested a third option to be included. All three options will be included in the updated SPF, which will also be issued via ELEXON to BSCCo change contacts.

MIF271 – ECOES User Management

IREG agreed to develop the following changes to Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) User Management:

  • For Solution 1, IREG supported option 1b of the MIF where the password reset function will be expanded to include ability to delete accounts. IREG agreed to seek costs from the Technical Service Provider.
  • For Solution 2, IREG agreed to take forward changes to the way password resets are done within ECOES. Under this option, Users who have their email as their username, any password reset is done by sending a reset link to their email address. This assumes that when an employee leaves a company their access to their email is revoked stopping them being able to complete a password reset process.

IREG noted a new MIF will be raised regarding the administration maintenance and agreed to seek costs ahead of the initial review.

MIF272 – Meter Serial Number not known on CoS for Smart DCC-serviced meters

IREG carried out an initial review of the MIF and agreed to issue a request for information (RFI) on:

  • sourcing of the Meter Serial Number (MSN) in the absence of the MTDs; and
  • actions taken when the MSN has a mismatch with the MTDs when received.

ECOES User Requirements Specification (URS)

IREG approved the changes to the URS for D0312 (Notification of Meter Information to ECOES) Data Flow reports, and to seek costs for the development. Following discussion and clarification on a few points for the Application Interface Solution (API) an updated document will be issued ex-committee for approval. The timetable for testing will be presented to the September IREG meeting for approval.

ECOES testing approach associated to MAP CP 0298

IREG agreed the test approach and criteria for the implementation of the ECOES solution associated with approved MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) CP 0298 (Request for Additional Import / Export MPANs using ECOES2). A more detailed plan will be provided at the September IREG meeting.

MAP CP 0299 and MAP CP 0300 review

IREG considered the MAP CPs 0299 (Change to include D0171 and D0131 into process steps) and 0300 (Population rules for plot addresses) redlined changes to MAP09 (Address maintenance using the Standard Address Format). This followed referral from MDB. IREG proposed additional changes to ensure clarity was added into the process to address the comments received via the Impact Assessment. With these addressed and the Proposer agreeing to the changes, the CPs will be sent back to MDB for its decision.

Post implementation review of DTC CP 3508 and MAP CP 0283

IREG reviewed the RFI responses in respect the new processes implemented under two change proposals. IREG noted that clarity could be provided in Annex C of the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC). This would ensure it is clear it is the Supplier’s contact details and not the Customer ones’ that should be provided in the D0381 (Meter Point Address Update) Data Flow. A Proposer was found to raise a DTC CP to progress the change. IREG identified no further actions and the review was closed.

MEC Election Update

Please note the nomination period for the MEC representatives closed on 28th July 2018. The following candidates were nominated for the positions:

Supplier Representatives (max 2)

  • Adam Carden
  • Kevin Woollard

Distribution Business Representatives (max 1)

  • Martin Hewitt

BSC Representative (max 1)

  • Nigel Perdue

As the number of nominees does not exceed the maximum allowable positions, no election is required.

The above candidates will take office on 1st September 2018.

MDB Update: July 2018

MDB was held on 26th July 2018. The table below shows the Change Proposals, voting outcomes and implementation dates.

SummaryImplementation DateOutcome
DTC CP 3541 - New and amended Data Transfer Catalogue Data Flows required to facilitate the solutions to BSC Modification Proposals P344 and P35428th February 2019Accepted
DTC CP 3529 - Provision of last Meter Inspection Date 28th February 2019Accept Modified
DTC CP 3542 - Move Demand Control Event rules from flow notes to Annex C28th February 2019Accepted
MAP CP 0299 - Change to include D0171 and D0131 into process steps 28th February 2019Deferred to IREG
MAP CP 0300 - Population rules for plot addresses 28th February 2019Deferred to IREG
MAP CP 0301 - Plot address process for MAP09 28th February 2019Accept Modified
MRA CP 0253 - MRA updates to reflect MAP05 amendment 1st November 2018Accepted
MAP CP 0296 - MAP05 updates 1st November 2018Accept Modified