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IREG Update August 2020

IREG Headline Report

IREG met on the 12th August 2020 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes.

MIF 322 – Automating Communications with the Secure Data Exchange Process (SDEP)

IREG were presented with a proposed solution for MIF 322 which would allow automated communications to be implemented on the SDEP via the use of an API to allow integration directly with Parties IT/CRM systems.

IREG noted that more detail would be required to fully define the functionality in order to meet the Industry’s current and future requirements. IREG agreed to facilitate a workshop, incorporating the input of their parties’ internal technical teams, in order to define the specifics of the development.

A further update would be provided at IREG’s September 2020 meeting.

MIF 320 – Review of the unallocated transactions process  

IREG were presented with the Request for Information (RFI) responses received from industry parties, relating to a review of the unallocated transactions process. IREG reviewed the responses received and agreed that further input would be required from Suppliers and Pre-Payment Meter Infrastructure Providers (PPMIP) via a focused workshop, in order to identify the issue and to propose a route for progression prior to the transition to the Retail Energy Code Company (RECCO).

A further update will be provided at IREG’s September 2020 meeting.

MIF 306 – MAP08 – Missing/Disputed Read Process Issues

IREG discussed two provisional dates for holding the MAP08 training event via webinar. Gemserv agreed to confirm the training date with industry once the MIF306 Proposer had been informed.

IREG agreed to close this MIF.

Draft update to the Secure Data Exchange Portal (SDEP) User Requirements Specification (URS)

IREG reviewed the draft updates made to the SDEP URS in light of two approved Change Requests relating to[1] MAP CP 0334 and [2]MAP CP 0335. IREG agreed the requirements presented for both changes and noted that these would be incorporated as part of the November 2020 Release.

ECOES User Requirement Specification (URS)

The ECOES URS paper was not available prior to the meeting however IREG were verbally updated on the changes to the ECOES URS and informed that the paper would be circulated to IREG for their review and brought back for further consideration at IREG’s September 2020 meeting.

MIF 314 – Access to the “User Reports” within ECOES

In the Impact Assessment phase, the Technical Service Provider (TSP) had noted that some of the User Reports had been depreciated when the ECOES 2 system was introduced. IREG discussed if there would be merit in having the reports reinstated, however it was agreed that the reports should be fully removed from the ECOES URS. A further paper was presented on the created new set of non-domestic customer (NDC) user reports, this was agreed, and a further report requested for MEC on tracking portfolio downloads.

MIF 315 – Consistency of Approach for Sending Priority Service Register (PSR) Data Flow

IREG reviewed the current status of MIF315 and noted that progress had been stalled due to a lack of engagement and solutions. IREG discussed the proposed solutions for the MIF, noting that similar discussions were already taking place within the Safeguarding Customer Working Group (SCWG) and Data Protection Officers (DPO) forums and that MIF315 could be better suited under the SCWG’s governance. Gemserv agreed to update the Proposer on the feedback from IREG and to enquire whether MIF315 should still be progressed under IREG.

MIF 316 – Removal of Supplier Access Matrix from ECOES

IREG noted that the Change Proposal was considered by MRA Development Board (MDB) at its meeting on 30th July 2020 and that the change would be incorporated in the ECOES Release 7 which would be an ongoing IREG agenda item going forward. IREG agreed to close this MIF.

MIF 317 – Removal of the ECOES Consolidated Report

IREG noted that based on industry feedback, Ofgem would be aligning the removal of the ECOES Consolidated Report for both Suppliers and DNOs with the Central Switching Service (CSS) go live, scheduled for February 2021.

IREG agreed to close this MIF.

MIF 327 – Review of obligations in respect of the Supply Number Format set out in Schedule 5 of the MRA

IREG considered the format of the Supply Number printed on customers’ bills, as defined in Schedule 5 of the MRA, noting that some of its constituent elements will become obsolete when Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) is implemented.

It was noted that similar discussions had taken place at Ofgem’s Faster Switching Expert Group (FSEG) and that the discussions should be revisited in order to source a route for progression. The Proposer agreed to liaise with Ofgem regarding the discussions and to come back to a future meeting of IREG if required.

MIF 328 – Future SMRS reporting requirements for BSC purposes in MRA Clause 27 and Schedule 13

MIF 328 seeks to address the current uncertainty around future reporting capability and BSCCo access to Supplier Meter Registration Service (SMRS) data. The Proposer advised that the MIF was seeking to work with Supplier Meter Registration Agents (SMRA) to develop a set of reports that could be flexed in frequency where needed or to support ad hoc requests. The Proposer noted that the reporting capabilities should be taken forward under the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) rather than under the Retail Energy Code (REC), with an appropriate forum for SMRAs to consider such requests.

IREG discussed the proposed solution, however it was agreed that IREG was not the right platform for facilitating the discussion. Gemserv offered to assist the Proposer in preparing a communication in order to kick start an initial conversation with industry if required.

The Proposer agreed to withdraw the MIF.

MIF 329 – Removal of eight DTC Flows

IREG were introduced to MIF329, which seeks to remove eight DTC data flows that have been identified as unfamiliar/redundant and should be removed in order prevent opportunities for erroneous Data Flows to be either sent/received or having to be considered on receipt.

IREG suggested that a Request for Information (RFI) should be circulated to industry parties to provide an understanding of the purpose and uses of the flows before they are proposed for removal. Gemserv agreed to assist the Proposer on the preparation of the RFI for industry.

A further update will be provided at the September 2020 meeting of the IREG.

MIF 330 – Visibility of MAP Effective From Date (EFD) in ECOES

IREG discussed MIF330 which was raised due to Meter Operators (MOP) being unable to view the MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) Effective From Date (EFD) data item on ECOES. It was noted that the data is required in order for MOPs to correctly update the MAP when sending a D0304 to Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS). IREG discussed the proposed solutions and agreed that access should be restricted but made available to MOPs via ECOES so they can validate their MAP invoices.

The next IREG meeting will take place on Wednesday 9th September 2020.

[1] MAP CP 0334 – Amendment to MAP 24

[2] MAP CP0335 – Facilitating Gaining Supplier GSoP Payment