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MRASCo Newsletter – March 2021

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IREG Update March 2021

IREG met on the 10th March 2021 and discussed the following MRA Issue Forms (MIFs) and Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOES) changes.

MIF 322 – ‘Automating Communications with the Secure Data Exchange Process (SDEP)’

IREG noted that the Impact Assessment (IA) to incorporate the solutions agreed at the Technical Workshop (8th February 2021) was completed by the Technical Service Provider (TSP) and was currently under internal review. As soon as the review was complete, it was noted that the next steps would be for a committee decision paper to be presented to the MRA Executive Committee’s (MEC) for final approval of funding.

A further update will be provided at the April 2021 meeting of IREG.

MIF331 – ‘Review of Secure Data Exchange Portal (SDEP) Reporting’

At the February 2021 IREG meeting, it was noted that MIF331 was being progressed in two stages, with Part 1 (to add MPIDs on to the SDEP User Reports) already  implemented in the February 2021 Release. IREG were informed that Part 2 of the solution was still  with with the Technical Service Provider (TSP) for Impact Assessment (IA) however the funding  had been approved by the MRA Executive Committee (MEC) and that it was scheduled for implemention in the June 2021 Release.

IREG agreed to close MIF331.

MIF343 ‘Data accuracy issues in relation to the Domestic Premises Indicator’

IREG were introduced to MIF343 which was raised to address an issue identified by a non-domestic supplier in relation to the setting of values for the Domestic Premises Indicator Data Item (J2251) in Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) following the introduction of Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) Change Proposal (CP) 3556 in June 2019. It was noted that the issue would result in Registrable Measurement Points (RMP) having an incorrect objection window following the Central Switching Service (CSS) migration and go live.

IREG discussed possible options, noting that a deeper understanding of the implications was required, therefore Ofgem noted it would review the definitions as set out in the Licence Conditions and in addition, for the MIF to be discussed at the next Data Working Group (DWG) meeting on 17th March 2021 so the group could consider the data issue and discuss possible routes for progression.

A further update will be provided at the April 2021 meeting of IREG.

MIF342 ‘Erroneous Transfers never responded to or Cancelled’

IREG reviewed MIF342 which was raised to address how Suppliers should  handle Erroneous Transfers in instances they are not responded to and also what action to take if a customer changes their mind and decides to stay with the erroneous Supplier. IREG noted that any change would be considered under the REC, but that the requirements should be handled in the remaining life span of the MRA.

IREG discussed the primary solutions proposed in the MIF, agreeing that an update could be made to the current wording of MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) 10 and SPAA Schedule 10 to obligate the losing/gaining Suppliers to actively cancel an Erroneous Transfer (ET).

A further update will be provided at the April 2021 meeting of IREG.


MIF341 – ‘MAP 10 and MAP 08 Telephone Escalations’

IREG discussed MIF341 which was raised to address the instances where phone lines are mandated for Erroneous Transfers and Agreed Reads and to decide whether these were still required. Currently, MRA Agreed Procedures (MAP) 10 and MAP 08 mandate suppliers to provide phone lines for queries and escalations.

IREG discussed whether the phonelines should still be mandated for instances such as Erroneous Transfers and Agreed Reads, as many Suppliers had withdrawn theirs due to the recent Covid 19 arrangements. It was agreed that there was still a use case for keeping the phoneline in place for escalations on SDEP noting that a possible solution could be to update the existing wording in the MAPs to relax the obligation to make the phonelines optional as long as a Data Flow was sent first.

IREG discussed the timescales for the MIF, noting that any formal progression would be a consideration for the Retail Energy Code (REC) due to the limited time remaining under the MRA. In the interim, Gemserv agreed to work with the Proposer to draft updated wording for the MAP’s and to provide a further update at the next IREG meeting on 8th April 2021.

MIF340 – ‘Bulk Change of ECOES User Information’

IREG were introduced to MIF340 which was raised to address the issue that, within ECOES, and by extension the SDEP, there is no current functionality to change user info in bulk and is proposing an automated potential solution via the Application Programming Interface (API), a Comma Separated Value file (.csv) upload, or a HyperText Markup Language (html) solution. 

IREG discussed the solutions and agreed that the level of requirements needed could not be delivered in time for the June 2021 Release deadline, but suggested that the development should  be carried out in the interim before being progressed in a future release under the REC.

A further update would be provided at the next IREG meeting

MIF338 – ‘Related MPAN Definition’

IREG were updated on MIF338, which was raised from recent discussions held at the Related Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) subgroup of the DWG where parties had reported being unclear on the method for knowing what makes MPANs related or not.

IREG discussed the next steps noting that individual views from a selection of Suppliers would be useful in identifying how their processes work and to build a useful data library that industry could use as guidance.

A further update will  be provided at the next IREG meeting.

MIF339 – Related MPAN Erroneous Transfers

IREG discussed MIF339 which was raised as there is no reference to Related MPANs (within MAP10) which could result in MPANs within a relationship receiving different responses to Erroneous Transfers (ET) thereby leaving suppliers non-compliant with the remaining stages of the MAP.

IREG noted that the issue was not only confined to Erroneous Transfers as it also has implications for the Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP) arrangements, therefore the group agreed that the issue should be raised at the next RDUG meeting and, in the interim, an update to the current wording of MIF339 to incorporate the arrangements for DAP, could be prepared for further discussion at the next IREG meeting.

The next IREG meeting will take place on Wednesday 14th April 2021.