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Change Management & Issue Resolution

MRA Change Process

The MRA and its associated documents are either governance documents or "best practice" indicators to support the operation of the retail UK Electricity market. As this market is dynamic and subject to update and development, a formal process is managed where all proposed changes are considered by a MEC appointed Sub-Committee, the MRA Development Board (MDB).

The Change Management procedure for MRA Products is set out in MAP17. This document sets out the timescales and procedures under which a pre-assessment or Change Proposal is raised, assessed by MRA Parties, and voted on by MDB.

For further information, please see MRA Clause 9. To raise a Change Proposal or Solution Pre-assessment, forms are available within the below Downloads section.


The MRA provides for change and issue management under the MEC objectives. MDB (is a sub-committee of MEC delegated to consider solutions for change and issue management. MDB may also convene sub-groups for issue resolution and change development.

The Issues Resolution Expert Group (IREG) is a standing group under MDB used for the progression of operational issues, and Working Groups can be convened for specific operational issues.

To aid MDB, Gemserv also provides specialist technical advice and meeting management for Expert and Working Groups considering and resolving across industry design issues.

An MRA Issue Form can be completed by any party wishing to raise an Issue with MRASCo. This should be an issue which impacts the MRASCo Product Set, or involves resolving inter-operational matters.

For further information, please see MRA Clause 10.

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