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Green Deal Expert Group

The Green Deal Expert Group – commonly known as GDEG – is tasked with developing change to the MRA and MRA Products to support the ongoing development of the Green Deal Central Charge Database (or GDCC).

GDEG is also responsible for developing and proposing revised drafting to GDCC-related technical documents, including the User Requirements Specification.

GDEG usually meets every second month, and membership is open to all MRA signatories and registered Green Deal interested parties.

Issue Resolution Expert Group

The Issue Resolution Expert Group – more commonly known as IREG – is a subgroup of the MRA Development Board (MDB).

IREG is responsible for developing solutions to technical issues, including updates to the ECOES User Requirements Specification (URS).

All MRA Parties are invited to participate at meetings of IREG and nominate a representative to act as a point of contact on IREG matters.

IREG usually meets once per month, or more frequently if required. Meetings are generally scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month, around two weeks after the MDB meeting.

MRASCo Security Committee

The MRASCo Security Committee (MSC) is established by the MRASCo board and is tasked with reviewing, managing and maintaining the security of MRASCo processes and systems, including ECOES and the GDCC.

The MRASCo Security Committee reports on key security-related risks to the MRASCo Board, and is engaged with ensuring compliance with Data Protection legislation.

The MRASCo Security Committee meets once per month, and membership is open to all supplier and distribution business signatories of the MRA.

Service Agreement Committee

The Service Agreement Committee is established by the MRA Executive Committee (MEC) to propose, develop and agree material changes to the services agreement between MRA Service Company Ltd and Gemserv Ltd.

The Service Agreement Committee will make recommendation to be agreed by MEC.

The Service Agreement Committee meets whenever required. Its membership is constructed of three representatives appointed by MEC and representatives appointed by Gemserv Ltd.

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee is established by the MRA Executive Committee (MEC) to fulfill key functions including:

  • Consideration of the annual statutory accounts and auditor’s report;
  • Periodic review of accounting policies and procedures; and
  • Preparation, review and recommendation of MRASCo business plan.

The Finance and Audit Committee meets at least once per year, and is formed of three members appointed by MEC.

MRA Development Board

The MRA Development Board – commonly known as MDB – is responsible for the management of technical and commercial changes to the MRA and associated products.

Meetings are held at least once every month, usually on the last Thursday of the month.

MDB voting membership consists of:

  • 8 members from suppliers (including 2 small suppliers)
  • 7 members from distribution businesses (including 1 independent distribution business)
  • 1 representative of the BSC agent

Party representation is impartial, and all parties – including non-voting members – have the opportunity to expresses their views.

Working Groups

The MRA Executive Committee may from time-to-time establish specialist working groups to consider particular issues requiring specific knowledge or skills.

Examples of working groups include:

  • Erroneous transfers working group;
  • Prepayment allocation process expert group;
  • Code governance expert group; and
  • Business process model review.

Each working group will have its own terms of reference agreed once it has been establish, which will define its procedures and rules of engagement.

MRASCo Board

The MRASCo Board consists of four directors and appointed alternatives responsible for control of the MRASCo budget, compliance with company law, and supervision of MRA Company Ltd.

A list of current directors can be found by visiting MRA Service Company.

The MRASCo Board meets at least once every month, usually on the last Tuesday of the month.

MRA Executive Committee

The MRA Executive Committee – commonly known as MEC – is responsible for key functions under the MRA, including:

  • Considering applications of new MRA parties
  • Development of budgets
  • Granting derogations
  • Considerations of defaults and disputes between parties

MEC delegates responsibility for change to the MRA Development Board (MDB).

One distribution business and two supplier representatives are elected to MEC annually. A further representative is appointed by the BSC agent.

Meetings of MEC are held on the last Tuesday of every month.

MRA Forum

The MRA Forum is a conceived panel of MRA signatories who agree the MRASCo annual budget and consider MRA appeals.

The MRA Forum meets as required to consider appeals, and at least once per year, usually in February, to agree the budget.

All categories of MRA signatories are invited to attend conceived meetings of the forum.