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On 1st September 2021, the MRA was superseded by the Retail Energy Code (REC). Since that date, this website is no longer actively maintained. Rather, it represents an archive resource, which will be available until 30th November 2021. This represents a transition period whilst RECCo decides whether and which historical MRA documentation to make available in future.

For more information on the REC you can visit

Master Registration Agreement

The Master Registration Agreement is an industry-wide agreement that provides a governance mechanism to manage the processes between electricity suppliers and distribution companies enabling electricity suppliers to transfer customers.

The MRA sets out terms for the provision of Metering Point Administration Service (MPAS) Registrations, and procedures in relation to the Change of Supplier to any premise/metering point.

The MRA Service Company (MRASCo) is a company established by all MRA parties to administer the MRA and undertake any development activities required under the scope of the MRA.