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Becoming an Interested Industry Participant (IIP)

IIP status is open to organisations who can demonstrate they would find it beneficial to be kept informed of changes going through the MRA Change Management process. Commonly, IIPs are Supplier Agents, consultancies, or software providers.

IIPs are provided with all change and issue document such as Change Proposals, MRA Development Board (MDB) papers and meeting minutes. They are also entitled to respond to Change Proposal Impact Assessments, and will receive copies of new versions of MRA Products upon their release.

IIP Application Process

To apply to become an IIP, please read the guidance note, complete the GD21 v3.1 - IIPand send it to the

ApplicationThe company applies to MRASCo, in writing, sending a completed IIP Application Form and two signed copies of the Confidentiality Agreement.
Completed applications and signed confidentiality Agreements should be sent to: MRASCo, 8 Fenchurch Place, London, EC3M 4AJ.
ProcessingUpon receipt of this signed Agreement, a paper will be presented to the MRA Development Board (MDB) to make a decision.
MDB ProcessThe MDB may accept or reject the application, or request further
information before making a decision. MRASCo will notify the applicant of the
acceptance or rejection of the application and in the case of rejection the reason given by
MDB for not granting the applicant IIP status.
MRA DocumentationThe new IIP will be added to the MRA IIP list and will receive
regular product updates and all correspondence relating to MRA Change Proposals
including the minutes of the MDB, the sub-committee of MEC that agree changes on
behalf of all MRA parties. IIP are entitled to provide Impact Assessment returns for any
MRA Change Proposal.

For more information, contact the