MAP CP 0311 - MRA Agreed Procedures for Managing NHH Related Metering Points

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 27/06/2019
Version 1.00 Related Changes

Executive Summary

This Change Proposal (CP) supersedes all versions of MAP CP 0309. MAP CP 0309 version 3, which was out for impact assessment, and version 2, which was due to be voted upon by MDB on 28th February 2019, have both been withdrawn by the sponsor. The sponsor and Gemserv believe that issuing a completely new CP is the best way to ensure MRA parties understand the full set of changes being proposed. Feedback provided by parties through MAP CP 0309 IA responses, FSEG and MDB has been incorporated into this CP.   We are issuing this urgent CP to ensure that Related Metering management processes can be approved as soon as possible, maximising the time available for implementation of resultant MRA Party process and system changes.   The Switching Programme and its implementation of the Central Switching Service (CSS) has necessitated changes to the process for managing Related Metering Points under the Master Registration Agreement (MRA). The Data Flows and Data Items required to enable the changes are being progressed through MRA CP 0256 and DTC CP 3550. This MAP Change Proposal is intended to set out the procedure for managing Related Metering Points once MRA CP 0256 and DTC CP 3550 are live.

Change History

28 Feb 2019
MDB_19_0228(Impact Assessment)
28 Mar 2019
MDB_19_0328(Accept Modified)

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