MIF 100 - Add new values to the J1253 data item 'Failure to Energise or De-Energise Reason Code'

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Executive Summary

Distribution Businesses and MOPs are required to send the D0139 ‘Confirmation or Rejection of Energisation Status Change’ upon a request to energise or de-energise a supply point accordingly. Following analysis based on the data flows received over the last 12 months it has become clear the current list of values in the J1253 does not enable Distribution Business to communicate with Suppliers and MOPS efficiently when issues occur at site. The SPF originally proposed was to extend the Valid Set in the J1253, however, length of this data item is currently INT (1) The current valid values for the J1253 are as follows: Values are:- 1          No access to meter position 2          Distributor required 3          Suspected tampering 5          De-energisation refused - new tenant 7          De-energisation refused - future use identified 8          De-energised - no reading available 9          Installation not ready for Energisation/Faulty Customer Service

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