DTC CP 3397 - Additional flow notes for the J0171 Reading Type X value

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 27/02/2014
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Executive Summary

DTC CP 3389 was accepted at MDB which introduced a new value of ‘X’ to the J0171 ‘Reading Type’ Data Item to allow meter reads to be flagged as being obtained remotely when passed to the Data Collector for the use in “routine” settlement purposes, or where a CoS read is required to complete this process via a D0086. Following MDBs decision, MIF132 was raised by a Meter Operator requesting clarification in the use and population of the new ‘X’ value for MOPs. At IREG_13_1015 the group discussed the use of the new value and agreed MOPs may use the new ‘X’ value for certain instances of routine reads however guidance should be provided to aid MOPs in the instances the new value of ‘X’ should be used and how to populate the D0010 where an ‘F’ or ‘I’ read is obtained remotely or physically.

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