DTC CP 3389 - Additional item of X to be added to J0171 Reading Type Data Item

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 01/02/2014
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Executive Summary

The proposed change would allow meter reads to be flagged as being obtained remotely when passed to the Data Collector for the use in “routine” settlement purposes, or where a CoS read is required to complete this process via a D0086. This new Read Type would be used in place of those currently obtained either by a Data Retriever or Customer for the purpose of routine reads “R”, where an Actual CoT Read has been taken “Z” or where a read has been obtained from the meter for the purpose of completing a CoS. All other Read Types will remain as per their current use within the relevant industry processes, although where a supplier is re-configuring a meter (i.e. with a new SSC) it is expected that they will use a Final “F” and Initial “I” read to update this change to relevant industry parties. A flow note will be added where appropriate to allow parties to differentiate between “F” and “I” reads taken remotely or physically in order to allow for the last meter inspection date to be accurately recorded.

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