SPF 0090 - Alternate Solution To Remove XREF From Prepayment Allocation Process

Current Status Closed Implementation Date 05/11/2015
Version 1.0 Related Changes MAP CP 0242MAP CP 0240MAP CP 0243

Executive Summary

At the August MDB meeting, MDB agreed to defer voting on three change proposals (MAP CP 0243, MAP CP 0242 and MAP CP 0240), which had been raised to improve the accuracy of prepayment allocation, as an alternative solution had been identified. The solution proposed within SPF 0090 aims to allow PPMIPs to reduce and ultimately remove the reliance on the XREF systems to obtain the registered Supplier for each prepayment meter.

Change History

24 Sep 2015
MDB (For Impact Assessment)
29 Oct 2015
MDB (Consideration of IA responses)
11 Nov 2015
IREG (For Discussion)

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