DTC CP 3563 - Amend “MPAS Response” Data Group Condition in D0304

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 27/06/2019
Version 1.00 Related Changes

Executive Summary

This proposal adds a condition of “MPAS Only” to the “MPAS Response” Data Group in the D0304, “Notification of Meter Asset Provider”. DTC CP 3554 added the “MPAS Response” Data Group to the D0304. The D0312, “Notification of Meter Information to MPAS” specified in DTC CP 3554 also contains the “MPAS Response Data Group”. The Data Group has a Condition of “MPAS Only” in the definition of the D0312, which reflects the intention that the Data Group would only ever be present on the MPAS response instance of the Data Flow. This was omitted from the definition of the D0304 in error. It needs to be included alongside the DTC CP 3554 changes to ensure that only MPAS to Meter Operator and MPAS to Supplier instances of the flow contain the data group.

Change History

31 Jan 2019
MDB_19_0131 (Impact Assessment)
01 Feb 2019
MEC_19_0201 (Initial Consideration)
28 Feb 2019
MDB_19_0228 (For Vote)
28 Feb 2019
MDB_19_0228 (Accepted)

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