DTC CP 3512 - Amending J1824 - Asset Condition Code

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 22/02/2018
Version 1.00 Related Changes

Executive Summary

Following a series of workgroups, involving MOCOPA®, ENA and AMO members, to review the valid set of the J1824 data item (A, B and C codes) and the subsequent MOCOPA® Service Termination Issue Reporting guide relating to the codes this Change Proposal has been raised. The workgroups have identified that changes are required to the valid set to include some new codes, the removal of some codes and the amendment to the wording of others to accommodate issues recently identified, the merging of some codes and the subsequent removal of redundant codes.  

Change History

25 May 2017
MDB_2017_0525 (Impact Assessment)
27 Jul 2017
MDB_2017_0727 (Accepted Modified)
27 Jul 2017
MDB_2017_0727 (For Vote)

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