MAP CP 0293 - Balance Agreement and Transfer for Smart (BATS)

Current Status Rejected Implementation Date 01/11/2018
Version 2.00 Related Changes

Executive Summary

This Change Proposal seeks to introduce a new MRA Agreed Procedure called the Balance Agreement and Transfer for SMART (BATS) and will replace MAP24 v1.3 - Smart Prepayment Change of Supplier Exceptions Process. BATS will facilitate a smoother Change of Supplier process for Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers by:
  • Enabling Suppliers to transfer customers' money between themselves;
  • Enabling the balance to remain on the customers' meter; and
  • Preventing financial detriment to PAYG customers through having to wait for refunds of credit.

Change History

25 Jan 2018
MDB_18_0125 (On Hold)

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