DTC CP 3572 - Changes to the D0268 (Half Hour Meter Technical Details)

Current Status Awaiting implementation Implementation Date 25/02/2021
Version Related Changes

Executive Summary

This proposal considers a package of changes seeking to improve interoperability of communications information and address issues identified through changes to ECOES implemented in June 2019.  

Change History

02 Dec 2019
MDB_19_1202 (Impact Assessment)
30 Jan 2020
MDB_20_0130 (For Vote)
30 Jan 2020
MDB_20_0130 (Deferred)
27 Feb 2020
MDB_20_0227 (For Vote)
04 Mar 2020
MDB_20_0304 (For Vote)
04 Mar 2020
MDB_20_0304 (Accept Modified)

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