MRA CP 0261 - Consequential changes to MRA Schedule 2, Schedule 3 and Schedule 14

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 01/08/2019
Version 1.00 Related Changes

Executive Summary

DTC CP 3554 was approved for implementation in June 2019 at the November 2018 Change Board. The DTC CP makes several changes to Data flows and Data items to support the transition and migration of registration data to the Central Switching Service. This MRA CP propose to make a number of consequential changes to MRA Schedule 2 ‘Metering Point Administration Data’, Schedule 3 ‘Event Log’ and Schedule 14 ‘MPAS Validation Procedures’ in light of the approval of DTC CP 3554, to ensure the MRA content is aligned with the DTC changes. Note, the MRA changes were not progressed at the same time as the DTC changes, due to the need to progress the system impacting DTC changes as a priority to meet expected Ofgem Switching Programme timescales.  

Change History

25 Apr 2019
MDB_19_0425 (Impact Assessment)
27 Jun 2019
MDB_19_0627 (Accepted)

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