MIF 50 - Contact Telephone Numbers for Special Needs Customers

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Executive Summary

When planned outages will take place, or supplies are disrupted due to adverse weather or other events, WPD is especially proactive in contacting our special needs customers. Having a correct, current landline & mobile telephone number for these customers is extremely useful. We procure services from 3rd party data providers and have internal business processes that help us stay aware of these phone numbers. However, we believe there may be benefit if we could also obtain any phone number information that a Supplier holds for our special needs customers. Suppliers already have the ability to send phone numbers to the Distributor using the “D0302   Notification of Customer Details” flow. However this flow only provides one field for a “site contact telephone number”. Although the D0302 could be sent with a repeating group 69C to advise us of more than one telephone number we have found that, in practice, we are rarely sent any telephone numbers at all.

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