DTC CP 3523 - Creation of a new flow to reject a D0170

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 01/11/2018
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Executive Summary

This Change Proposal seeks to create a new Data Flow to allow a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to reject a request for a D0215 flow sent by the Meter Operator Agent (MOA) via a D0170 flow. Within the Data Flow, a valid set of rejection reasons will be created under a new Data Item. The ability to communicate the rejection reasons within the flow between the DNO and MOA is intended to rectify currently recognised industry issues such as: the lack of method for a DNO to inform the MOA of non-ownership of measurement transformers and the passing of erroneous data in D0215 Data Flow where measurement transformer ratios are known.  

Change History

30 Nov 2017
MDB_2017_1130 (Accept Modified)

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