MIF 270 - Creation of a valid set for CT and VT Ratios

Current Status Closed Implementation Date 24/05/2021
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Executive Summary

The Data Items J0454 CT Ratio and J0455 VT Ratio are fairly unrestrictive in regards to what can be populated within the Data Items. This has led to poor data quality building up over time as invalid and erroneous ratios have been sent over technical detail flows. This has created an uncertainty in the market over where Current Transformers s/ Voltage Transformer VTs are legitimately installed at site and what the correct ratios for these sites are. This MIF is seeking views on the creation of a valid set for CT/VT Ratios to ensure that going forward only legitimate and valid ratios are populated in dataflows, and also to rectify the legacy data quality issues via a phased and manageable approach.

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