MIF 233 - Creation of rejection flow response for D0215 request

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Executive Summary

This MIF recognises the current industry issues and complaints around the sending of the D0215 (Provision of Site Technical Details) Data Flow from a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to a Meter Operator (MOP) where a request for the flow may be inappropriate. It also recognises the complaint and subsequent issue raised by the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) auditor around the quality of information provided in the D0215 Data Flow, particularly around communications sent pre-BSC Modification P283 (Reinforcing the Commissioning of Metering Equipment Processes). This MIF looks to rectify both issues with the creation of a new Data Flow, which will enable a DNO to reject a request from the MOP to send a D0215 Data Flow, where it feels that either, the request is inappropriate for the metering equipment installed (i.e. measurement transformers are not owned by the DNO), or it is unable to provide valuable information within the D0215 Data Flow (metering equipment installed pre-P283). Â

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