MIF 83 - D0169 - Used by Distributors to reject D0168s

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Some distributors are using the D0169 to reject a request for a new MPAN(s) and are populating the “Additional Information” field (J0012) with the rejection reason (examples below) and the MPAN Core (J0003) as either ‘0’ or ‘0000000000000’. As a result of increased validation and automation these flows are being rejected because the MPAN is invalid. We believe this flow is not the correct method of rejecting such a request. Examples of Additional Information: “Customer will need to provide the meter number so that I can look at it on MAVIS, if it doesn't show on MAVIS they will have to provide us with a photo of the meter and spare phase.” “Can you please email the photo to the D0168 inbox? This address is not registered with the post office and the meter number is not on MAVIS.” “This address is not registered with the post office, customer will needs to provide a photo of the meter and ryfield board.” “our site tech advised the customer to fit a ryfield board, has this been done?” “TO BE REJECTED AS THERE ARE NO LLFC DETAILS” “MAP04 REQUIRED” “” – J0003 blank  

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