MIF 62 - Disconnections Process

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Executive Summary

As part of the work of the recent Special IREG regarding “developer” Disconnections, a number of potential issues and changes were identified that would affect the single site process for disconnection. The Special IREG requested Gemserv raise a MIF in order that these areas could be discussed at IREG67. The areas for consideration include:
  • Expanded use of the D0262 Dataflow to provide for a wider set of rejection scenarios;
  • The potential to have a new flow from the DB to the Supplier informing them of a Disconnection request received (noting that such a flow is currently being considered for large-scale disconnections);
  • A new flow to be sent from Suppliers to Distributors to “block” a Disconnection initiated from the DB;
  • Clarification of the overall process, possibly via a new WP (which could consider DB led Disconnections); and
  • Changes to the process so that MOps would update records after the D0171 is generated if the relevant flows have not already been generated (this may involve changes to the BSCPs as well).
  • A paper which captures many of the above issues as previously discussed at the Special IREG is provided to IREG 67 with this MIF in order to assist in analysis.

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