MIF 73 - Distribution Businesses Notification of Change of occupancy - D0302 Notification of Customer Details

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Firstly, some Suppliers do not always send a D0302 when the customer changes. Secondly, the data flow only contains the Effective from Settlement Date of the registration and not the effective date of the customer change. It is important for Distribution Businesses to have the accurate records of the customer occupancy (and its history) because Section 105 of the Utilities Act requires Distribution Businesses not to divulge confidential information other than to the relevant customer (with various stated exceptions). As a Distribution Business we often experience various people phoning us purporting to be the customer or his agent and seeking commercial data but the records we hold, which are based on a D0302 data flow sent by Suppliers, are sometimes unreliable. On occasions it appears the data flow has simply not been sent. So we are unable to guarantee if the person phoning is truly the customer. In addition, because the Supplier can only populate the Effective from Settlement Date (REGI) data item rather than the change of occupancy date, this is logically interpreted as a correction rather than a change as we now have two customer names with the same effective date. We would like to see the D0302 data flow used in respect of ALL changes of customer occupancy and for consideration to be given to a new data item, for the effective date of a change of change of occupancy, within the D0302 data flow, whether additional or instead of the REGI date.  

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