MIF 164 - DNO initiated notifications of Energisation Status Change

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Executive Summary

The proposed change is to formalise the ability of the Distribution Business to conduct the temporary de-energisation of customers supply directly at the request of Customers (Owners and Occupiers) and without prior instruction from the Supplier. Requests to facilitate rewires and/or maintenance activity by the customer and for the Distribution Business to then update the Suppliers of the changes in the status of the customer supplies so that the Suppliers, via D205 data flows, may update Energisation Statuses, when required. The change is principally to enable customers who have multiple premises to be temporarily de-energised to be able to arrange this via the Distribution Business rather than having to phone and contact each individual Supplier for each of their properties. However the change is also intended to support individual requests for temporary de-energisation for customers needing to conduct replacement or maintenance activities.

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