DTC CP 3556 - Domestic Premises Indicator

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 27/06/2019
Version 1.0 Related Changes

Executive Summary

This proposal looks to add a new DTC Data Item to add a new Indicator of whether a site is a Domestic Premises. The change is required in support of the migration and transition to the Central Switching Service (CSS), which will utilise the information as part of the End-to-End Switching Solution. The new Data Item will not be added to any existing Data Flows as it will be utilised by MPAS to hold and then migrate data to the CSS.

Change History

29 Oct 2018
MDB_18_1025 (Impact Assessment)
29 Nov 2018
MDB_18_1129 (For Vote)
29 Nov 2018
MDB_18_1129 (Accepted)

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