DTC CP 3437 - Improving Customer Communication – Changes to the D0302 to include email

Current Status Withdrawn Implementation Date 26/02/2015
Version v0.2 Related Changes DTC CP 3436DTC CP 3433MAP CP 0200MAP CP 0201

Executive Summary

DTC CP 3437 introduces changes to the D0302 that will provide DNOs with access to improved customer contact information to ensure that they can contact customers under normal operating conditions and in the event of conditions which severely affect the distribution networks.

Change History

09 Apr 2014
IREG_14_0409 (discussion)
14 May 2014
IREG_14_0514 (discussion)
11 Jun 2014
IREG_14_0611 (discussion)
26 Jun 2014
MDB_14_0626 (ia)
28 Aug 2014
MDB_14_0828 (vote)

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