MIF 54 - ECOES Provision for Meter Administrators

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Executive Summary

Despite being a Supplier Agent, Meter Administrators (MDD market participant role code = 4) do not currently have access to ECOES as a discrete role. BSC CP1267 was agreed last year for implementation in the Nov 2010 release. CP1267 corrects a MPRS system change which prevents Suppliers’ updating MPRS with the correct unmetered agent participant ID. MPRS currently contains a mixture of accurate and erroneous information associated with unmetered MPANs. Between now and Nov 2010 LDSOs, UMSOs, MAs and Suppliers are aiming to identify errors and ensure that the correct agent is recorded in MPRS for each unmetered MPAN. This will assist participants to contact the correct agent at change of supplier and during routine operations. Currently Meter Administrators cannot gain access to ECOES to check if they are correctly appointed to MPANs for which they are contracted with the customer. Some Meter Administrators may be linked with other industry roles which do have access; Meter Administrators which are not linked to other roles are therefore at a disadvantage.

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