MIF 93 - EDNO Boundary Data

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Executive Summary

In order to invoice Use Of System charges to the supplier of an EDNO, where difference metering is applied and DUoS is to be applied to the boundary, a new data flow is required such that the gross meter data can be sent to the DNO. The new flow would be identical to a D0036 but have a new number to differentiate it from the D0036 used in settlements. The new flow would still quote the settlement boundary MPAN. DUoS charges would be based on the gross data from the new flow and not the net D0036 data for the boundary MPAN (or any of the inset MPANs). UKPN has a number of customers within EDNO sites that are trading already and where the EDNO charging methodology assumes this method of DNO charging DUoS and so the introduction of a new flow is required urgently. A similar copy of a D0275 may be required for DNOs that use those flows. An alternative may be to add a gross measurement field to the existing D0036 but this was believed to have wider impact.

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