MIF 76 - Effective from Settlement Date (REGI) J0049 issue for D0190 DTC Flow

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The DTC states that: Where the D0190 flow is being sent for a CoM event, then EfSD{REGI} should be populated with date of meter installation (J0848) taken from relevant D0193 or D0150. The issue is that we use the D0194 to ask for a date for the meter installation but cannot guarantee at this point that the meter will be installed on that date. It is our belief that we would always send the D0190 out at the same time as failure to do so could leave the customer without the ability to place credit on the Key. It would only be possibly to use the date we planned for the meter installation taken from the D0194 The problem is that we have not received the D0193 or D0150 and therefore, could not use the date of meter installation (J0848) on the D0190 flow in this scenario.

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