MIF 266 - Exempt Premise List (EPL) ECOES 2 Change

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Executive Summary

Suppliers have an obligation to collaboratively establish and maintain the Exempt Premises List (ESLC 55.11, GSLC 49.11), which specifies premises or descriptions of premises, where it is not possible for a smart metering Home Area Network (HAN) to be established. A collaborative solution is therefore required that permit Suppliers to meet their relevant Supply Licence Condition obligations (ESLCs 55.14; 55.15; 55.16, GSLCs 49.14; 49.15; 49.16). The existing ECOES service might provide the best opportunity to achieve this in a cost effective and timely manner, and would additionally provide visibility to all Suppliers. A further benefit of utilising the ECOES service for the Exempt Premises List (EPL) is that it may facilitate the smart roll-out activities of Suppliers in instances of Change of Supplier (CoS).

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