WPPS CP 0127 - Housekeeping changes to the Working Practice Product Set (WPPS)

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 03/11/2016
Version 1.0 Related Changes

Executive Summary

WPPS CP 0127 corrects an outdated reference to Working Practice (WP) 132 'Logical vs. Physical Disconnection and Notification to the Distributor thereof' in WP 9 'Related Metering Points' and WP 134 'Completion of D0142 in HH and NHH Markets', removes WP 148 'CTP Missing Reads Process', which has been superseded by MAP 08 'The Procedure for Agreement of Change of Supplier Readings and Resolution of Disputed Change of Supplier Readings'. and re-introduces WP 125 'MTC for NO Meter Present', which has been erroneously removed from the WPPS from document version 5.14 onwards.

Change History

28 Jul 2016
MDB Accepted

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