MIF 70 - Identification of Smart Trial Meters

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Executive Summary

A number of Suppliers are carrying out trials of smart metering prior to the commencement of the mandated roll-out. These meters may be operating in either credit or pre-payment mode. Whilst a separate MIF has been raised to provide for new meter types to identify trial smart meters, this will not address all of the issues which can occur as a result of the customer deciding to change Supplier. The main issues identified are:
  • The transfer of access information between Suppliers.
  • The assignment of any debt.
  • Identification of the mode in which the meter is set prior to the new supplier gaining the MPAN.
  • Where meter transferred in Pre-payment mode, access to the payment infrastructure used by losing supplier.
It is recognised that these issues will be addressed by the SMIP in due course, but Suppliers are experiencing issues now, and so a temporary solution is required.

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