MIF 148 - Improving the customer information held by DNOs through the modification of the D0302

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Executive Summary

The DECC report March 2014, Severe Weather – Christmas 2013, a review of Electricity Distribution Industry Performance established two clear priority actions related to communication with customers who have a disruption to their power supply, to ensure that they experience as little inconvenience as possible. The actions are:
  1. Ensure that Network Operators have access to better customer contact details, allowing them to proactively contact those who are disrupted to provide accurate information.
  2. The establishment of a single national number for customers to use to contact their Network Operator in the event of a disruption.
The key initiatives which we are leading on for the successful delivery of action 1 are;
  1. Improvements in customer contact data transmitted via the existing Industry Data Flows before October 2014;
  2. Provision of a one off complete refresh of Network Operator held Customer Information by Electricity Suppliers before October 2014
This Issue concerns the delivery of a, above and is seeking a review by IREG to establish the means by which the timeline of 2014 can be achieved by industry parties. NPg have been specifically assigned by DECC to lead on the delivery of this action.

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