MIF 103 - Lead times for central system releases

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The retail baseline for the GD Electricity Market is undergoing a period of rapid and significant change with the introduction of new processes and interactions in relation to Smart Metering, the Green Deal, and potentially a number of market reforms resulting from the Energy Act (2013). This has led to the need to make a number of changes to central systems administered under the MRA, i.e. ECOES and the GDCC. The pace of change is such that technical solution changes are being raised with increasingly short lead times, this may lead to sub-optimal solutions being developed and additional costs and effort being required to revise these at later dates. The current drafting of MAP 17 does not specifically provide for best practice in relation to the development of changes to technical solutions, this means there is no guidance for MRA parties and other industry stakeholders in relation to release management and lead times for change. In turn this has a negative impact on market participant development programmes.

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