MIF 53 - MAP 14 Transaction Reporting

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Executive Summary

During testing relating to the implementation of changes to MAP14 (Procedure for the Allocation of PPM Payments against an Incorrect Device), Parties and PPMIPs have raised concerns regarding the routing and ‘working’ of the ECOES Multiple Supplier Report. This report is to be sent to all Suppliers and contains all instances where M records submitted to ECOES for a given date have returned multiple Supplier Ids on the A and/or B records. Whilst it is clear that there is a need to investigate and resolve items listed on the report, the MAP14 Working Group felt that there is a lack of clarity around who within each Supplier organisation these reports should be directed to and, from the Supplier perspective, there is a lack of clarity surrounding how these reports should be worked. Additionally, the Group was also concerned that a report indicating the volumes of multiple Supplier records should be established so that clearance can be monitored, as it is for Unallocated Transactions. As these issues are outside the remit of the Group, they have requested that these matters be raised to IREG via a MIF.

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