MIF 64 - MAPs not on the DTN

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Executive Summary

In the DTC there are two dataflows which are required to be sent between the MOp and MAP. Where the MAP has a DTN portal, this methodology can be used to transfer the required data. However, some MAPs do not have such a gateway and, as a result details are not always passed correctly. This leads to incorrect information being held and, in some cases incorrect asset charges being passed to Supplier and, ultimately customers. The flows affected are: D0303 Notification of Meter Operator, Supplier and Metering Assets installed/removed by the MOp to the MAP, this flow is used by the MOp to update the MAP with the information which they need to ensure asset tracking and charging are correct. D0304 Notification of Meter Asset Provider, which is used by the MAP to pass details of asset ownership to the MOp. The MOp then uses the same flow to pass these details on to Distributors and Suppliers. An agreed methodology to pass data to and from MAPS not on the DTN is indicted.

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