MIF 85 - Missing Reads Process

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Under EU 3rd package a Supplier is obligated to final bill a customer within 6 weeks after a CoS event. If a Supplier has not received a D0086 in that time period it could choose to bill to an estimate but in parallel a missing read process should be commenced which might give rise to Suppliers agreeing a different read. That read would need to be re-billed or written off by old Supplier to ensure that customer does not pay twice. For example if a read is agreed which is lower Supplier will need to re-bill and refund difference but if it is higher they could decide to write off that difference. Also in such cases a faster turnaround of that agreed read into a D0086 would be required to ensure settlements is also aligned. This would require further investigation into why DCs are having problems in being able to provide D0086s. This is seen as a possible second part to this issue.

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