MIF 67 - Multiple Supplier Report Issues

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Executive Summary

Suppliers and PPMIPs have expressed concerns regarding he Multiple Supplier Report produced as part of the ECOES processing of PPM transactions. Three issues have been raised:
  • Obligations on parties to work the MSR;
  • Methodologies for working the MSR; and
  • Data Protection considerations
  • The third issue is the subject of this MIF. This gives rise to two concerns:
  • Parties currently receive an unfiltered report, which contains all multiple Supplier events. This means that Suppliers are receiving data relating to Metering and transactions for customers where they have no contract, or interest in resolving issues.
  • The first two of these are further explored in Change Proposal MAP CP 0109 – Multiple Supplier Reports which was considered by MDB_11_02 and sent to IREG for further analysis and MAP14_12_05 – Multiple Supplier Reports Working Practice, which was discussed at the MAP 14 Working Group on 3rd February 2011.
  • firstly that there could be a misuse of personal data under the DPA; and
  • secondly that the report is unwieldy as Suppliers have to locate ‘their’ records within it.

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