MIF 258 - Near Time Improvements to Meter Technical Details

Current Status Closed Implementation Date N/A
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Executive Summary

Subject to the final design of the solution, the following MRA products could be impacted;  
  • Amendments to MRA Agreed Procedure (MAP) 15 (Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service);
  • Amendments to MAP19 (Procedure for the update of Meter Types across Market Participants);
  • Amendments to MAP26 (Comparison of Meter Operator and ECOES Data); or a
  • New MAP.
  MAP15 may need to be amended to incorporate any enduring solutions for maintaining data quality following the completion of the first reconciliation of electricity MTDs (e.g. annual reconciliations or the monitoring of Suppliers’ and Meter Operators’ (MOPs’) resolution of MTD quality issues). The development of an enduring solution could potentially require cross-code working with the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC). It may also require coordination and alignment of any initial and annual reconciliations with gas MTDs to ensure it does not create unnecessary complexity for dual fuel Energy Suppliers and MOPs / Asset Managers.

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