DTC CP 3541 - New and amended Data Transfer Catalogue Data Flows required to facilitate the solutions to BSC Modification Proposals P344 and P354

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 28/02/2019
Version 1.00 Related Changes

Executive Summary

This CP seeks to introduce a new DTC Data Flow, based on the D0357 Data Flow. In addition, it proposes to amend the existing DTC Data Flows D0354, D0355 & D0356 to add an additional instance of each flow.

This is to support the request of data at the MPAN level by the BSC Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA) system from Half Hourly Data Aggregators (HHDAs) and the provision of such data to the SVAA by HHDAs for BSC Modifications P344 and P354, if approved.

Change History

30 Apr 2018
MDB_18_0426 (For Impact Assessment)
26 Jul 2018
MDB_18_0726 (For Vote)
26 Jul 2018
MDB_18_0726 (Accepted)

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