DTC CP 3550 - New Data Flow and amendments to existing Data Flows for Related Meters

Current Status Implemented Implementation Date 27/06/2019
Version 1.00 Related Changes

Executive Summary

DTC CP 3550 seeks to provide Suppliers with a Data Flow to allow updates to which Meter Point Administration Numbers (MPANs) bare Related Metering Points for the purpose of Switching, and for Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) to respond to the update. It also introduces new Data Items to existing Data Flows to keep a new Supplier informed of the relationships.  

Change History

01 Oct 2018
MDB_18_0927 (Impact Assessment)
07 Nov 2018
MDB_18_1107x(For Vote)
07 Nov 2018
MDB_18_1107x(Accept Modified)

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