MIF 90 - New Electricity Supply Licence Condition 1 (Definition of Prepayment Meters) requires amendment of MRA Clause 54.1 and consequential changes

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Executive Summary

Ofgem have made a number of changes to Electricity Supply Licence Conditions (SLCs) with regards to Advanced Domestic Meters (ADMs), one of which specifies that Advanced Domestic Meters switched into prepayment mode are Prepayment Meters. This raises three issues that need resolving:
  1. MRA Clause 54.1 and its associated MAP14 have not been reviewed following updates to the SLCs with regards to Prepayment Meters.
  2. Identification of ADMs in Prepayment Mode in ECOES.
Communication of NHH ADMs data (comms, location of passwords, type of file transfer, etc) in CoS/CoT/other events.

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