MIF 60 - NHHDC use of D0002 for rejected appointment work

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Executive Summary

Our NHHDC have raised a query regarding DTC CP 3318 – New SVCCs and Creation of Rules in D0002, with respect to processes that they have for rejecting appointed work, i.e. D0005 requests from Suppliers. Their view is that it would be useful to introduce an instance of D0002 from NHHDC to Supplier for this same purpose, with respect to using new SVCC 98. NHHDCs receive D0005s from Suppliers to carry out appointed meter readings which sometimes cannot be undertaken due to various reasons (lack of notice, invalid time band etc.). Currently these invalid requests have to be actioned manually (by sending an e-mail or fax) which is not only resource intensive but also means that there is no automatic audit trail retained for these.

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