MIF 52 - Provision of Duplicate Meter Report from ECOES

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Executive Summary

During testing relating to the implementation of changes to MAP14 (Procedure for the Allocation of PPM Payments against an Incorrect Device), Parties have raised concerns regarding the presence of duplicate Meter Serial Numbers (MSNs) within the ECOES dataset. This may be caused by a number of issues, including historical re-use of serial numbers prior to the current standards as noted in WP76 (Distribution Business Allocation of NHH Meter Serial Nos.), and the use of common serial numbers with different Meter Types. There are a number of views on the definition of ‘duplicate’ in this area, broadly these fall into three categories:-
  • Wholly duplicated MSNs (which may or may not have different Meter Types allocated).
  • MSNs which are duplicated save that a space “ “ exists between one or more of the data items in the MSN e.g.:LYYP12345, L YYP 12345, L YY P12345 etc.
  • MSNs which are identical save for the year of delivery (note that these may not be ‘true’ duplicates as the meter may have been re-certified).
It is clear that the inclusion of duplicate meter numbers introduces risk in that incorrect devices and/or meter points may be identified when searching in ECOES. Whilst the issue of data quality is one for Suppliers and MOs to resolve, the identification of these duplicates is seen as being beneficial in any cleansing process.

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