MIF 132 - Remote Readings - Consideration of DTC CP 3389

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The above CP has been approved for implementation in the February Release and due to the number of applications and processes affected by this change we need to commence the analysis and development as soon as possible. This urgency is further exacerbated by the fact that one of the major applications is externally supported and therefore there is a degree of lead time and contingency required in order to ensure delivery by the Third Party within the required timescales. We have concerns regarding the robustness and adequacy of the proposed solution and voiced these at the initial SPF stage of the process (SPF0071). The responses which we received at that time did not answer our questions and caused us more concern regarding the level of understanding and consideration of detail which was being applied. The final version of the CP has not addressed all of our questions and those outstanding are significant – see below:
  1. The wording of the CP suggests that the new flag is for use by Suppliers or Data Collectors only, however there is a MOP scenario which may fall under this same requirement.  A MOP is sometimes requested to obtain a special read using the manufacturer’s software to dial into the meter – this is currently reported as a Special Read (S) however the objective of the CP would suggest that this too should be reported as “X”.  Please could you confirm what should happen in this scenario.
  2. We note that if a “F” and “I” read is taken by a Supplier when reconfiguring the meter, that a note should be added to differentiate between those taken physically or remotely – please could you advise as to whether there is a prescribed code or format for this or is the intention that this should be free text? The use of free text format poses many problems when using scripts/reports to highlight information and therefore we question whether any consideration was given to the implementation of a specific Site Visit Check Code for this purpose.

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