DTC CP 3579 - Removal of seven redundant DTC Data Flows

Current Status Awaiting implementation Implementation Date 24/06/2021
Version Related Changes

Executive Summary

It is proposed to remove seven redundant DTC Data Flows which are deemed to be redundant. These Data Flows relate to prepayment exchanges and additional MPAN requests between Suppliers and MOPs.

Change History

24 Sep 2020
MDB_20_0924 (Impact Assessment)
29 Oct 2020
MDB_20_1029 (For Vote)
29 Oct 2020
MDB_20_1029 (Deferred)
26 Nov 2020
MDB_20_1126 (For Vote)
26 Nov 2020
MDB_20_1126 (Deferred)
17 Dec 2020
MDB_20_1217 (For Vote)
17 Dec 2020
MDB_20_1217 (Accept Modified)

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