SPF 107 - Reporting of Additional EMR Backing Data to Suppliers

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Executive Summary

EMRS Settlement Ltd receive queries from Suppliers, Generators and Capacity Providers both in the Capacity Market (CM) Scheme and the Contracts for Difference (CFD) Schemes Scheme into a service desk regarding the understanding of what data items are being accounted for in their invoices and credit notes. The change being proposed will add additional data groups, data items as well as amend existing ones in the D0362, D0363, D0364, D0365 and D0366 data flows to allow improved reporting to Suppliers, Generators and Capacity Providers. The aim of this proposal is to reduce the assistance in the validation required for EMR parties as the backing data within the dataflows will be in aligned to what is being invoiced as the associated Dataflows will be structured and named in line with the actual output of Settlement systems to validate CM and CFD financial settlement.

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